Diet for Sleep Apnea: The Foods to Eat and Avoid!

Weight loss is one of the most effective ways to manage sleep apnea. That is why if you wish to treat or manage your sleeping condition, it is recommended that you add a few modifications to your diet plans with the aim of losing weight. When planning your diet for sleep apnea, you should keep […]

The Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

The norm is to sleep without pillows. That is why we find people who do not sleep with a pillow to be a bit weird. But are they really? What if they have the right idea all along? We are all used to sleeping with pillows, but recently, a few studies show that sleeping without […]

Does Sugar Make Me Sleepy? Know the Answer for the First Time!

Almost all the foods that we eat contain a certain amount of sugar. But food items with high sugar content are the go-to meals of people who wish to boost their energy levels. That is why the term, sugar high, was coined. Sugar high is a real thing. You would feel more energetic and pumped […]

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Causes of extreme fatigue after eating carbs

Causes of Extreme Fatigue After Eating Carbs

Outing in the world there are millions of people suffering from carbohydrate intolerance; which refers to a person being unable to digest carbs. Their body does not react to carbs in a usual manner. Sugar and starches are common examples of carbs. The question which actually needs to be answered is that why does this […]