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Imagine a world where people can greet every morning energized from having a restful sleep, and ready to face life’s challenges, and hustle for their dreams; with vigor, excitement , an anticipation. Here at Elder life Planning, this is not just an imagination. It’s our goal.


It all started way back 2010. I stumbled upon an old friend from college. We talked about how we have both been successful with our respective careers, and we knew we had different circumstances but we had one thing in common. Regardless of the demands our jobs entailed, we both valued the importance of a restful sleep. This gave me an idea to share this to everyone I know. I did, and later on I decided to put things in writing. From then on, more and more people are able to benefit from the articles I publish. Being able to share knowledge and help people. This gives me the best feeling.


Living in a fast paced, technology driven world, our day to day life revolves around activities which require physical ,emotional, and psychological attention. With all these demands, our well- being depends on our ability to recharge our bodies well enough to keep our lives in a healthy balance, and this is where the need for a restful sleep arises.

Unfortunately for some, getting enough restful sleep remains a challenge. Our mission is to provide actionable tips and guidelines all geared towards helping people achieve a restful sleep, so that the people we get to reach can have optimum wellness and enjoy their lives to the fullest.


Andy is a motivational speaker who started his career by training corporate employees on the importance of time management and how it affects employee productivity. Born and raised in a small community in downtown LA, he was introduced to the importance of hard work at an early age. As his folks usually say “ there’s a time for work, and there’s a time for rest. In both, it’s the quality that matters. “ This guided him towards reaching his dreams. One that he also wishes to share with everyone through his articles.


Have you ever experienced looking forward to a next day road trip that you end up staying awake the whole night because of excitement? So that by the time you start travelling, you feel too tired and exhausted to appreciate anything about the trip? Or that day when all you ever wanted was your “ alone time “ to nap, but when you finally had it, you just can’t seem to force yourself to sleep. These, and many other scenarios cause sleep deprivation which in turn can create havoc to our health and over – all wellbeing. And reality is, it can happen to anyone.

The articles we share are all geared towards helping individuals who suffer from sleep deprivation, or difficult sleep patterns. From tips on getting enough sleep, to foods affecting our sleep patterns, to the use of yoga and other sleep help exercises, we offer clear guidelines and doable action plans, in the hope of helping people improve and correct sleep related concerns. With relevant topics and clear and concise explanations, we sincerely hope these articles will benefit you, as it has benefitted us and many others.

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