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Road trips are always exciting, aren’t they? It is an amazing way to travel around the world while keeping your selfless very close towards nature. The one thing which needs to be kept on top of our “things not to do list” is sleeping when you are road tripping. The figures are showing the number of accidents taking place due to sleepiness while driving is scary enough for anyone planning to go, it goes around 72000 accidents every year. It is crucial to consider the importance of not sleeping while driving.

Reasons for Feeling Sleepy While Driving

It is one of the major problems in the USA. The problems which have to be dealt with after having to face an accident due to drowsy driving are extremely hard and alarming. If combined with a headache it can prove to be even fatal. Though the signs of sleep deprivation are one big reason behind falling into the risk of accidents, of sleeping during driving, but it is not the only reason behind a person feeling that way.

Reasons for feeling sleepy while driving

Reasons for feeling sleepy while driving

The sudden need to sleep can also arrive if a person is exhausted from work if he/she is alcoholic, possible symptoms of certain medications and late shifts of work. It is hard to tell the exact time when you will tend to feel sleepy. Therefore precautions always come on handy at this point. By now you must be clear that sleeping on road trips can be rather dangerous, but another thing which needs to be taken into account is the danger of feeling sleepy while driving, they are two different scenarios.

The dangers of feeling sleepy while driving includes a person not being able to focus on the road while driving or them being unable to react properly. If you notice that something is wrong with your car or the tires and it also makes it difficult to make sane decisions in order to take full control of a particular situation, like the breaking down of your car for instance.

Signs that you are going to sleep

Don’t worry; you will have certain signs which will help you realize the fact that you are going to sleep or feel sleepy for a short while. Therefore while you are driving you need to take care of the following signs:

  • If you feel that you are yawning or blinking a bit too much.
  • You are missing your turns.
  • You are not being able to drive straight on the road or even losing control of the steering wheel unwittingly.
  • Another sign can be if you are starting to unintentionally bump into roadsides.

Other than these signs another one is that if you feel that you are unable to remember what roads or places you have passed by in that while. Moving on, the people who are at a higher risk of falling asleep while driving includes the ones who are unable to get much sleep, drivers who are on such medication which cause them to feel sleepy quite often, or those who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Dealing with it

Dealing with feeling sleepy while driving

Dealing with feeling sleepy while driving

There are some things which will prove to be quite beneficial if you are someone who wants to overcome the danger of sleeping while on a road trip. First and foremost you need to make sure that you have gotten enough sleep for the day, one way to ensure that can be if you take a small nap before getting on the road, you need to get the sleep out of your system completely. For some reason if you were unable to take the pre-drive nap then don’t worry, you can always stop in the middle of your trip and get enough sleep for you to drive further. One thing you need to be sure of is that the place you choose to stopover should be safe enough to do so; you don’t want to put yourself through anything dangerous.

The importance of having a good company while driving, especially on road trips cannot be denied; they play a key role in keeping you awake and fresh. Therefore it is advised for you to tag along with a travel buddy whose company you enjoy the most, be it your family member or a friend( in case you are traveling lone). There is absolutely no hurry, so it is better and advised to drive slow, arriving late is better than getting involved in an accident.

You should tag along with a travel buddy

You should tag along with a travel buddy

Yoga and better sleep always make everything better, you feel fresh throughout the day, and so practicing it before going on for the trip is advised. It is strongly instructed to not drink alcohol before driving; even if you have had a very tiny amount of the drink, it will make you feel sleepy. You might already know this that caffeine is a great thing you can take to keep yourself alerted throughout, drinking a cup of coffee or tea will help you stay wide and awake while you are on the road. These are some of the precautions which you can take in order to avoid such a situation.


Sleep driving is just as dangerous as driving while a person is completely drunk. The reason behind it taking place does not always have to be the same tiredness after a hectic day, missing an hour’s sleep can be equally responsible, leading towards an accident. You may not only be putting your life at risk but ones you’re traveling with as well. According to a study which was carried out, experts have told that the people who are sleepy while driving are at a much higher risk of getting into an accident as compared to ones driving while they are drunk. From this study, one thing is absolutely clear that while on a road trip, being sleep deprived is something which needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.