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Outing in the world there are millions of people suffering from carbohydrate intolerance; which refers to a person being unable to digest carbs. Their body does not react to carbs in a usual manner. Sugar and starches are common examples of carbs. The question which actually needs to be answered is that why does this take place and what are the possible consequences one may have to face in the near future, involving his health and overall life.

Millions of people suffering from carbohydrate intolerance

Millions of people suffering from carbohydrate intolerance

There must have been a meal in your life which was really heavy and full of carbs, leaving you feeling extremely tired and worn out. This situation leads to the person feeling the immediate need to sleep. Well, this is a clear indication of carbohydrate intolerance. There is an absolute need for this issue to be treated in the best way possible otherwise it will lead a person being subjected to various medical problems which include hypertension, breast cancer, polycystic ovaries, high blood cholesterol, inflammation, pain, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, coronary heart, and hyperinsulinemia. These problems do not just directly arrive from carbohydrate, but insulin resistance is another primary reason. Insulin resistance first initiates as carbohydrate intolerance.

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How it works

According to medical science, carbohydrate is considered to be one of the everyday nutrients and sugars, fiber and starches. Carbohydrates are known to be the major energy providers, once they enter your body, they are broken down into pieces with the help of amylase and enzymes. These are further responsible for transforming them into glucose for the human body to be used in the form of power, or they can also be stored as fats when there is no need for any sort of energy reserves.

Carbohydrate is considered to be one of the everyday

Carbohydrate is considered to be one of the everyday

On the other hand, insulin resistance is a process whereby the human body becomes unable to cope with certain sugars and starches. When you consume any carbs which may include things like bread, ice cream then. As a result, your body releases insulin from the pancreas to react with the sugar. The presence of insulin in the body is significant as it is responsible for transferring glucose into your liver and muscles from the bloodstream.

Under insulin resistance, what happens is that your body begins to create more insulin than needed, as compared to the consumption of carbohydrates. This ratio of increased insulin is the major reason behind the all the above stated medical issues. The increased amount of insulin reacts with the sugar a bit too quickly which further results in the blood glucose levels being decreased rapidly. Therefore under this condition, most people tend to feel tired and extreme fatigue after consuming carbs, and there is a very high possibility that they are suffering from insulin resistance; which may also cause the person to face signs of sleep deprivation.


Eating carbs, especially the empty ones which include sweets and soda, can help in providing a quick rush of energy. The other important process which takes place in our body is that, once it releases insulin which is responsible for bringing the blood sugar levels to the normal level, the easy removal of the carbs in your liver, muscles and other organs of the body results in you feeling extremely tired and sleepy. The immediate dropping of blood sugar is a condition which is also known as hypoglycemia.

Slow digesting carbs

Problem of sleepiness can be overcome with the help of yoga

Problem of sleepiness can be overcome with the help of yoga

If you are looking for ways to control the short term energy burst and the crashing of certain foods with some sugars, then one thing which may help you is the consumption of complex carbs which do take a lot of time to be fully digested. This will prove to be helpful as the more time taken for digestion lets it stay in your body for quite some time while providing it with the required energy. If you are confused about what complex carbs really are then the list below will surely prove to be beneficial:

1. Nuts

2. Legumes

3. Whole grain pasta

4. Fruits

5. Vegetables

6. Oats

7. Dairy products

8. Wild and brown rice

All these food items stated above take long to be completely digested by the human body. Therefore, as a result, the release of insulin is also not done in any hurry. Similarly, there is a less obvious feeling of tiredness and sleepiness. Well, the problem of sleepiness can be overcome with the help of yoga and better sleep (normal patterns of sleep).


In order to get rid of the problem involving sugar crashing, which often takes place due to the intake of food items rich in carbs, you can mix within your food some amount of protein as it will help the situation relax quite a bit. Here the addition of protein has been advised for a similar reason, which is that just like the above-stated complex carbs, it also takes more time for the process of digestion. The feeling that you get once you have had a heavy and carbohydrate-rich meal does not really penetrate, and as a result, you do not feel full all day long. You are not just getting rid of the spike in insulin but the decrease in blood sugar as well. This needs to be taken into account.