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The world has undergone a major change due to the technological advancements. This statement is not just confined to the governments and working departments of different countries, no. It includes every single person who has access to the mediums of technology. It has served the human race in the most unexpected way. It has not just allowed the countries to develop, but an individual to be exposed to the modern and advanced society. Electronic gadgets are a huge part of technology.

The technological advancements

The technological advancements

You may have heard this statement a lot that everything has its pros and cons, well yes, so does the use of electronic gadgets. People are very much in the habit of using electronic gadgets before bed. According to a study, it has been told that almost 90 % of the population of the USA makes use of electronics during the hour before they sleep. This does not just include adults but children as well. If you are also someone who is caught up in this habit, then you may not realize how difficult it makes for a person to go to sleep due to its usage at night. In fact, it is responsible for keeping you wake most of the time.

How it works

The truth which is also out in the world, but people tend to ignore is that the use of electronics before bed has a lot of adverse effects on your health and overall life. The thing which is mostly affected by it is your sleeping pattern. The effects it has are not just psychological but physiological as well. You are the decision maker at this point. What really happens that is that all of these devices including, TVs, mobiles, Gameboys, and laptops messes up with your body’s timings. There is a set routine which your body follows. Even your body needs to sleep, but you are not letting it by keeping your mind awake. Therefore your body is unable to deliver the sleep-inducing hormone which is also known as melatonin.

Put down the device and pick a book

If you really want to fight this condition, then all you need to do is put the devices away for the night and in order to keep away from the urge of using it, pick up a book and read it. While reading a book, make sure that the light is not very bright, try using a soft lamp. Try performing yoga during the time you use electronics, as it is said yoga and better sleep go hand in hand. If you feel that putting the device down is not really helping you or making your mind free from the thought of using it, then you can try shutting it down for the night. This will send your brain a clear signal that the device has been shut down.

Put down the device and pick a book

Put down the device and pick a book

Making or setting goals will help you along the way, for example, make up your mind that you will have to shut down the electronics at least 2 hours before your bedtime. It is not easy for everyone to go for that much extension of time. Therefore try and go slowly. You do not have to jump on 2 hours straight away; in fact, what you can do is try with 30 minutes for the first time, and after that, every day increases the time, gradually. At last, all you need to do is compare the difference you had felt with the time when you used electronics to when now when you don’t use them before bed.

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Still having issues

There is absolutely nothing to worry about if you are having trouble following the above-stated tips. It may be a sign that it’s time for you to change your pillow. It is possible that your pillow is causing the trouble. It is possible that the lifespan of your pillow is up and now it is unable to provide you with comfort, making you unable to sleep at night. Before jumping to any conclusion, you need to consider the above-stated possibility as well. Talking to a sleep expert may also help you.


The light which is emitted by these devices is the major reason why your body is unable to release this hormone. The more and more you use these devices the more difficult it will become for you to fall asleep at the required time. Night time is naturally a time when a person is supposed to relax and go to sleep, using these devices and keeping yourself alert at this time is not at all healthy, therefore it can have bad effects on your health causing you to suffer from sleep apnea, fatigue, muscle pain and signs of sleep deprivation will prevail.