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Quite recently there have been a lot of studies and researches which have been carried out about alcohol and the effect it has on the quantity and quality of a person’s sleep. The amount of alcohol you are used to consuming throughout a day plays a key role in determining your sleeping habits.

If you are someone who is used to drinking alcohol a lot and it has become a habit of yours, then you can very well tell what impact it has on your health and how all the drinks which include wine, beer and spirits can cause you to become very sleepy, tired and of course drowsy. In fact, often people make use of alcohol in order to make themselves fall asleep much faster than usual. Although alcohol does seem to help you fall asleep but it is crucial for you to take into account the negative impact it leaves on the quantity and quality of your asleep. Once you make yourself aware of them, you might eventually consider changing your drinking habits.

People make use of alcohol in order to make themselves fall asleep

People make use of alcohol in order to make themselves fall asleep

There is a misconception which is commonly seen among people that as long as they do not completely depend on alcohol on a daily basis, they are far away from a falling victim to the negative aspects it has on a person’s health. But going deeper and deeper into the recent studies, it shows an entirely different picture, which you will further get to know in this article. For example, there was a study which was outlined by Medical News Today stating that even if you consume one glass of alcohol, it will shorten your life. Although detailed researches are being carried out to come up with a conclusion, whether people can drink alcohol occasionally or not, without making it a habit. Unfortunately, some of them make it known that even irregular patterns of drinking can lead to the development of cancer within the person.

Alcohol and sleep

What alcohol really does to your body is that it reduces the working of the central nervous system, and it has proved to affect sleep in a lot of ways. It highly disturbs the sleeping patterns of people. Although yoga and better sleep do help make things better, but it is not a permanent solution. It causes a person to become a victim of sleeping disorders, irregular periods. The time which is required to fall asleep is often reduced due to the intake of alcohol.

Consumption of alcohol is always linked with delta activity. This is the kind of sleep which is responsible for creating memory and learning patterns in a person. Not just delta activity, but at the same time another activity which is linked with your brain is started, known as an alpha activity. This type of brain activity does not take place while you are sleeping, in fact, it is turned on when you are just lying and resting on the bed. When these two brain activities are combined together, they end up causing the lack of restorative sleep and that too on a higher level. Restorative sleep refers to a combination of deep sleep and REM sleep.

Alcohol disturbs the sleeping patterns of people

Alcohol disturbs the sleeping patterns of people

Following are some negative aspects

  • Interrupt your circadian rhythm

Even if you sleep immediately after drinking, there is a very high possibility that you will wake up in the middle of your sleep. One reason behind that is the disturbance in the production of chemicals in one’s body, which are responsible for triggering sleep when you have not slept for a long time and slows down once you have had your days sleep.

After you drink, a certain chemical which causes you to fall asleep is produced right away. It is known as adenosine. The problem which needs to be focused on is that as fast as this chemical is produced in the body it also fades away that fast. This thing has proved to be the major reason behind a person waking up in the middle of his/her sleep. Alcohol does that to you.

  • It blocks REM sleep

Another way alcohol messes up with your system, especially your sleep is that it blocks REM sleep. You end up getting a very low quality of sleep which is not good for your overall health. REM sleep is considered to be a very high quality sleep. You would not want to mess up your REM sleep, otherwise you feel drowsy the whole day. You end up facing the signs of sleep deprivation.

  • Aggravate breathing problems

The consumption of alcohol on a daily basis and that too in large quantities can cause you to fall a victim of different breathing problems. Alcohol does make you feel relaxed, your body and throat muscles feel very much at ease, but at the same time it makes you liable to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Extra bathroom trips

Your body is very much aware of the fact that at night time you are supposed to sleep, and it is so not the time to go to the bathroom after short intervals. This shows that your body knows how to keep the feeling of going to the bathroom at rest for the entire night, in most cases. But the consumption of alcohol is where the problem arises; it will make you want to go to the bathroom after short intervals, which tends to disturb you a lot.

And it aggravates breathing problems

And it aggravates breathing problems


Your night’s sleep is completely disturbed due to the intake of alcohol, due to which throughout the day you feel tired and are unable to focus on the chores and tasks you are required to perform. The negative aspects alcohol leaves on your health and life are great in number. A range from signs of aging to cancer is seen among people consuming it on a daily basis. Alcohol is really good at hiding from you the poisonous elements, only that later they become quite obvious, sometimes leaving it too late for a person to deal with it.