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Pregnancy is such news which brings joy and excitement, on the faces of those who are expecting the arrival of their baby. First-time pregnancies can be a bit challenging, and for some women, it does not matter whatever the number is, they have a pretty rough time with a few disturbances. The good news is that whatever the problem if it is dealt with in the right way, everything will just go back to normal. The major issue women have to face while they are pregnant is the irregular sleeping patterns, the inability to sleep comfortably, without having to keep changing their position.

In fact, according to a study it has been stated that almost 78% of pregnant women have an issue while sleeping. Most women have complained about constant fatigue, especially when they are in their first and third trimesters. Considering some of the above-stated issues, most importantly the sleeping problem, it is absolutely normal for pregnant women to show signs of sleep deprivation feel tired and drowsy the entire day.

Pregnancy brings joy and excitement

Pregnancy brings joy and excitement

What happens?

When a woman is pregnant, the hormones which are responsible for sleep, also known as progesterone, they begin to flow through the body. The increase in the level of this hormone causes you to feel sleepier during the daytime. Due to which all of the unnecessary fluid in your body causes you to make trips to the washroom after short intervals. It comes in between your way of hoping for a comfortable and restful sleep. Sleep apnea is a common term for women who are pregnant, as it takes place due to the hormonal change, causing women to gain weight and snore at night. This takes place when you are in your first trimester.

Now comes the second trimester, in this, you can somehow hope for a good night’s sleep, there is a very high possibility of it coming back. With a good night’s sleep, you feel relatively energetic. But don’t get too comfortable and used to of the good sleeping patterns in the second trimester, because the third is on its way. In the third trimester, pregnant women again face the horror of messed up sleep. The timings go really low.

The constantly increasing size of fetus is responsible for sleeping disorders

The constantly increasing size of fetus is responsible for sleeping disorders

Another thing which is responsible for sleeping disorders is the constantly increasing size of your fetus, which makes it hard for you to fall asleep. Doctors often advise pregnant women to sleep on their sides, as it is good for them and the baby, but if you are someone who is used to of sleeping on your back or even your stomach, then this change might be the cause of your discomfort while trying to sleep. In this case, you need to talk about this with your doctor, he/she may suggest something better.

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

The position which is considered to be the best for pregnant women is called the SOS, whose abbreviation is sleep on one’s side. It is advised that you sleep on your left rather than your right side. The thing which goes wrong while sleeping on your right side is that the level of blood and nutrients go up in your body, causing an extra amount reaching your baby and placenta. You are advised to fold your knees as well as your legs, after that place a pillow in between them.

  • Pregnant women often complain about having to face the problem of intense back pain, all day long. The reason behind it may be your sleeping position. You can go for the SOS (sleep on side) position and also put a pillow on the lower side of your abdomen. This will help make things better, in fact, a lot better for you.
  • If you are someone who feels a heartburn sensation at night while you sleep, then in this case experts instruct such women to use some comfortable pillows and place them on the upper side of the body.
  • Then comes the case where the pregnancy is quite late, and due to that, women often have complained about having a very short breath, which means that they are having trouble breathing. In this situation, it will be beneficial for you first to start sleeping on your side, preferably left the side, and second is to place pillows on the top of your body as stated above as well.
Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

There is always the possibility that what may work for one person might not work for another, so if the above-stated tips are not working for you, then it is better to consult your doctor and try something better. If you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach or back, feel free to try that, if that helps you go to sleep. Just don’t stay in one single position the entire night, changing them may help. Yoga and better sleep are also connected.

Things which need to be avoided

  • Sleeping on the back

During pregnancy, it is generally considered a bit problematic to sleep on your back. It can trigger within you some pains for example; back pains, headache, breathing issues, digestion problem, hemorrhoids, low level of blood pressure as well as disturbed patterns of blood circulation towards your heart area as well as your baby.

This happens because your abdomen is laying on your intestines and your blood vessels, which include the aorta and vena cava.

  • Sleeping on the stomach

Then there is the case of women who sleep on their stomachs. When you are at a stage in your pregnancy where you are almost halfway through with it, then is said that your abdomen has already undergone a lot of changes. This change makes it very difficult for you to sleep on your stomach, again causing pains to develop.


If you are having issues with your pregnancy, then you do not need to worry at all, as stated above as well it is a part of pregnancy that women have trouble sleeping and don’t worry it is just a matter of time when things will go back to just how they were before. You have to be patient. It is better that instead of spending the entire night, when you are unable to sleep, turning your positions and tossing around the bed, all you need to do is get up pick a book or turn on the TV for a while, just try and keep yourself busy enough that eventually you fall asleep. If not, then you can read some of your emails, just do anything which you normally enjoy doing.