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No one wants to be sleep deprived. It is a situation where one is not able get enough sleep. It can either be acute or chronic. In both cases it is something which needs to be treated at the right time other vise a person may have to face adverse effects on his/her life and life. There may have been a night in your life, for some people it is most nights, where you must have felt uneasy and not able to get enough sleep or any sleep at all. This shows that you were sleep deprived. This leads to person tossing around in their bed and changing their sleeping position after short intervals.

Sleep deprivation does not just take place at night; in fact the effects are dragged along the entire day ahead. It is quite normal for a sleep deprived person to be moody, short tempered and snap over petty issues. Making the situation even worse, if you miss out on your sleep for 7 to 9 hours, then get ready to feel drowsy the entire day. It will become impossible for you to focus on anything else.

You might be surprised to know that the above stated problems were just some of the short term issues you might have to deal with due to sleep deprivation, the long term problems are even worse. Dealing with them will be a task in itself. Medical assistance will be required. It completely drains your mind or all its abilities and capabilities, posing a major threat to your life. It can range from weight gain to poor immune system. It is a very common problem among people now days.


There are some facts present for sleep deprivation. It will prove to be beneficial if you make yourself aware of them. It is seen that children and adults are most likely to face some very dangerous aspects of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation, in some cases, proves to be a symptom of a medical condition which a person is already suffering from, causing him/her to be unable to fall asleep. Sleep deprived people are unable to get sufficient sleep; the amount of sleep they are able to get is just not enough for them to function properly. It can lead to a person being a victim to accidents, due to driving while being sleep deprived. Pregnancy and sleep also have a link with sleep deprivation; pregnant women tend to be unable to get enough sleep.

Signs of sleep deprivation

  • Headache and fatigue

There are some signs of sleep deprivation in the daytime. If you feel that you are going through fatigue and headache often, and it is not a usual thing for you then this may be a possible sign of you being sleep deprived. You will be irritable throughout the day.

Headache and fatigue

Headache and fatigue

It is usual for people who are sleep deprived, to have lack of concentration, not having a good memory, not being able to perform the daily tasks properly. They are not good at having any contact with the machines such as cars and trucks etc. It is in fact dangerous for them to drive a car for that matter, because it is possible for them to feel sleepy at any time during the journey, due to being sleep deprived. They are relatively cranky.

  • Cause of diseases

A person is required to sleep at least seven to nine hours in a day. Everyone has days in their lives where they had to keep awake the entire night due to work or some important project, it is normal. It is after that time the next day, in which you tend to feel the after effects of not giving your body the sleep it needed. Doing it on a daily basis will lead you falling a victim of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease etc. Yoga and better sleep is a much known thing. Performing yoga on daily basis helps you get better sleep.

  • Weight gain

Weight gain

Weight gain

If you feel that you are gaining appetite, and it is not normal for you. Then you have to know that this is something which comes with sleep deprivation. When you feel tired the whole day then it does not matter to you what you eat and how much quantity you are consuming. You just want something to help you stay awake. In this process you start gaining weight which tends to make you even more irritable.

  • Your more impulsive

Sometimes people react without giving even a second of thought, this happens when you are not getting enough sleep. You don’t know how to react under different circumstances. You might not even be the kind of person you are beginning to act like, quite recently. Don’t worry, there is a very high possibility that all this is happening because you are not getting sleep properly. Sometimes due to tension and stress caused by sleep deprivation, people start eating stuff they don’t even like, or never want to try. This makes it clear how unlikely one may behave.

  • Decision making, worse

If you have always been a workaholic, and now you feel that you are not able to take control of situations, which previously were a piece of cake for you. You might not be able to make decisions, even though you’re in the position of making them. You do not need to blame yourself and just look at the possibility that sleep deprivation might be the reason behind it. Problem solving and trying to manage things in the given time does become difficult for sleep deprived people to handle.

Decision making

Decision making

  • Your emotions are all over the place

When under the effect of sleep deprivation, one of the biggest signs is that you may be starting to get emotional over things which are not really important. All of your emotions are extreme. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, excited, terrified. Everything is just too much. You react over things which are often ignored by most people. You tend to get moody and cranky all of a sudden.


You parents, family or friends might be getting irritated by this phase of yours, but the fact is that it is just a phase and it’s not going to last forever, only if you take control of the situation at the right time. Sleep deprivation is not something which cannot be treated, there are something which you can consider doing, some exercises, some time management, which will help you overcome the condition and get enough sleep.