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The norm is to sleep without pillows. That is why we find people who do not sleep with a pillow to be a bit weird.

But are they really? What if they have the right idea all along? We are all used to sleeping with pillows, but recently, a few studies show that sleeping without a pillow comes with plenty of benefits.

What are these? Find out in this article!

Sleep without pillows

Sleep without pillows

Prevents wrinkle formation and acne development.

When you sleep with a pillow, and on your side, your skin comes in direct contact with the pillow. The sad part is, dust and dirt may already have accumulated in your pillow. These will also come in contact with your skin and may cause acne breakout.

The friction caused by the rubbing of your skin against the fabric of your pillowcase may promote wrinkle formation.

Combat headache.

At one point or another, we all have experienced waking up with a bad headache or a lightheaded feeling. The reason may be your pillow. If you are using a pillow that is too soft, the blood flow to your head is reduced. Morning headaches have always been associated with poor oxygen flow to the head.

Combat headache

Combat headache

If you are using a supportive mattress, it is best that you ditch your pillow and sleep directly on your mattress instead.

Keep bone structure in proper alignment.

Due to the daily activities that we carry out, our posture suffers. It is when we are sleeping that we can keep the bone structure and spine in proper alignment but using a pillow will prevent you from doing that. It is only without a pillow that we can be able to improve our posture and keep the bone structure in proper alignment.

Brings relief to neck and back pain.

Aside from headache, sleeping without pillow can also alleviate neck and back pain. When you sleep without a pillow, your body will take on the natural sleeping position that will allow your spine to rest on your body’s curves naturally. As a result, you would wake up ache- and pain-free!

Brings relief to neck and back pain

Brings relief to neck and back pain

Avoiding flat head and neck sprains for babies.

Yes, it is beneficial even for the little ones! The risk of the flat head syndrome is increased when your baby sleeps on a soft pillow for an extended period. This is because their heads are still too soft and can easily take a flat shape over time.

When your baby sleeps on a pillow for too long, he will have neck sprains. This can be avoided if the baby pillow is designed well, but as we all know, most baby pillows are poorly designed.

Final verdict: Should You Sleep with a Pillow or Not?

The answer would depend on your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, you would need a thin contouring pillow is recommended to fill in the small gap between your neck on the hybrid mattress. On the other hand, side sleepers would need a thick and supportive pillow to fill in the big space between their necks and the mattress.

With that in mind, the only people who would enjoy the benefits of sleeping without a pillow would be the stomach sleepers.