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Travelling has pretty much always proved to be an amazing and excitement filled experience, although there is a possibility of some people who do not enjoy traveling that much. This fantastic experience does come with some problems, for example, the exhausting everyday routine, having to keep oneself on the go, but the perks make it worth it. The tiredness one has to cope with leaves a person being unable to get enough sleep to keep him/her together. Which is why people often come up with the question as to how to get better sleep during traveling? They are eager to keep themselves away from the possible signs of sleep deprivation. This article will cover for you some of the tips which will help you sleep well while traveling.

1. Travel prepared

It is not always possible to book your room according to your taste, one which is quite. What you can do is go for such rooms which are not on ground floors, or near the elevator area or even vending machines. Avoiding this will help you to get rid of the possibilities of not getting a quiet room. You may consider packing noise controlling headphones, just in case.

Travel prepared

Travel prepared

2. Exercise

Even if you are planning a good vacation, making time for exercise will prove to be quiet beneficial. If you are fresh and active the entire day, it will help you sleep faster at night. If not a gym than a nice long walk can also be a good choice and form of exercise, avoid taking a taxi. It will be even better if your hotel offers a gym for people; you can always grab your gym shoes and hop on a treadmill. It is advised to go for yoga and better sleep under such situations.

3. Water intake

Keeping yourself hydrated the entire day during traveling is highly advised. Lack of water intake can cause a person serious headache and pain all over the body; water intake is a great way to get rid of it. While traveling taking care of your hydration becomes even more crucial. It will provide you with the energy throughout the day, and you will be able to get your good night’s sleep.

4. Skip alcohol

Not being able to sleep is normal in traveling, as mentioned above as well. At this time alcohol seems to attract you a lot. You have to fight the urge. It is true that the consumption of alcohol makes you feel drowsy, and you tend to sleep faster, but its effect also fades away real quick, and you end up waking up in the middle of the night. The question that how alcohol affects the quantity and quality of your sleep is answered briefly in this paragraph.

5. Trick your brain

As stated above as well that the excitement of trying new things during traveling always keeps your mind busy, making it difficult for you to go to sleep. In order to avoid this, you have to trick your brain just a little. What you can do is adopt a small pre-sleep ritual/practice, which may include; reading a book, lighting a fragranced candle or meditating for a while (about 10 minutes). Whenever you have the time perform this small exercise every night, this will help train your body to go to sleep after it.

Reading a book every night is a way to sleep easy

Reading a book every night is a way to sleep easy

6. Pamper yourself

Traveling makes you feel tired and exhausted all the time. You have to cope with a lot of stress; whether it is the luggage drama, taking care of the passport and ticket the entire while, these things can cause you to be unable to get a good night’s sleep. All you need to do is free yourself from all the tensions for a while and actually pamper yourself. You can treat yourself to a good massage or an entire day at the spa. This will develop in you the feelings of relaxation, calmness, softness and you will not have to worry about anything for the time being.

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Just enjoy the whole time you are at the spa, free your mind from other thoughts. The massage and will make your body feel at ease; it will loosen your tight muscles and help you get rid of overall fatigue. This will prove to be very beneficial for your sleep as well. It’s better to sleep with a relaxed mind rather than a stressful mind, causing you unease at night. You will be able to sleep through the night just as you had planned to.

Massage at the spa

Massage at the spa


One of the major reasons behind this is the differences in the timings; it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up with the day and night factor. People are very comfortable with their own space and beds; a change in it is also one of the factors responsible for it. Whether you are traveling across the world, or even within your own country, you may have a lot of things on your mind which you want to try, the food or the wine, but sleep does tend to come in your way. You are unable to focus on the things which you had planned, pretty much destroying it. Travelling ends up to be one of the times where you have to deal with irregular patterns of sleep the most.