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Yoga is not just a short-term solution for any physical or mental problem, in fact, it is a long-term commitment of a person with his/her body. The impact yoga leaves on your health can be seen in the years to come as well. It does not just prove to be beneficial for your health but your overall life as well. Yoga is considered to be a very soft, calm and gentle way to restore your body’s energy and strength. Doctors and physicians advise their patients to make yoga a habit of theirs and not just a once in a lifetime experience. Especially when it comes to the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Yoga is a long-term commitment of a person with body

Yoga is a long-term commitment of a person with body

According to research which was carried out it has been declared that almost 55% of people, who performed yoga, commented on how it helped them get a much better and relaxed sleep. It helps you overcome the signs of sleep deprivation. Not just that almost 85% of people said the yoga helped them get rid of stress. It is not easy for some people to do yoga on hard mats so that such people can make use of blankets, bolsters, and blocks to make it easier for them to stay in a position for quite long, making it possible for you to breathe properly.

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Yoga has not just proved to be beneficial for improving one’s strength, flexibility, and stress levels. If you are someone who is suffering from the medical condition insomnia, where a person is unable to get the required sleep, then you can stop worrying because it helps you to overcome that problem as well. This is because people who are suffering from insomnia are also advised by their doctors to do so because when they perform yoga on a daily basis, they are able to sleep for a very long time and that too a comfortable sleep. Even if they wake in the middle of their sleep, it is easy for them to instantly go back to their sleep.

Therefore, the sleeping patterns are back to normal. This yoga exercise is not just for people who are young and in their middle ages. In fact, it can be performed by anyone at any age. Even older people who have insomnia can do yoga on a daily basis, and they too will notice obvious changes in their sleeping patterns as they will be able to get a relaxing and longer sleep.

Yoga improve one's strength, flexibility, and stress levels

Yoga improve one’s strength, flexibility, and stress levels

The benefit is not just confined to the treatment of insomnia but many medical conditions. Whoever has trouble sleeping can go for yoga. It is quite normal for pregnant women to face difficulties in sleeping well. Pregnant women are advised to practice yoga in the second trimester, as it will make it easier for them to fall asleep much faster and not wake up after short intervals due to unease. Moving on, cancer patients are also given the advice of doing yoga, almost 90% of cancer patients are likely to get insomnia.

Yoga tips for better sleep

  • Self-compassion

A very basic thing while performing yoga is that you have to be very soft and gentle with your body as well as your mind. If you have any bad thoughts about anyone else or even towards your own self, try keeping those thoughts away from your mind. You can set certain ideas during the exercises, fill up your mind with nice and positive thoughts. Remember that you do not have to force your body into taking positions it can’t, take everything slow and steady, make your body used to the positions gradually. Don’t cause yourself any pain.

  • Get in touch with your breath

Getting in touch with your breath is very important while doing yoga, and it is not at all a difficult thing to do. First and foremost find a very comfortable position for you to sit or even lie down on your back. Then close both of your eyes. After that, you need to take your hand and put one on your abdomen and the second one on the chest. Once you have done that try and take small and soft breathes, just as if you were taking in air from your nose while keeping your mouth closed throughout.

  • Release stress by lion’s breath

Lion’s breath is another exercise which involves breathing; it is very good for your sleep. Doing this exercise before sleeping ensures long hours of sleep. Sip air through your nose and then place your tongue while sticking it outside as far as you can. Once you are doing that exhale through your mouth and not through the nose, this may seem like you trying to fog up some mirror.

Release stress by yoga

Release stress by yoga

  • Calm down using forwarding folds

Another exercise is this in which you are required to fold yourself forward. Now in this exercise, you need to keep one thing in mind that do not use your hands to pull your body, do not cause any pain to yourself. This exercise is not about forcing yourself to do something, in fact, all you need to do is relax and let gravity take control of the situation.

Take your hands and put them both on your elbows and put the fingers at the base of the head. Then after that, you need to fold your knees as much as it is possible for you to do. It should be so much that you can rest your torso on your thigh area.

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  • Revolved head to knee pose

In this yoga position, you need to make sure that you don’t pull your hands or even tug them. In order to attain a position which is much more supported, if you are unable to reach your toes with your hands, then you can rest the elbow of your arm on the floor. Then comes the lower arm, you can fold it in order to support your head while using your hands. The arm on the top is required to rest on your head. Do not push pressure and let your arm hang or swing loosely. Once your done doing the exercise on one side, repeat the process on the other side as well.


Yoga and other types of meditation have proven to be playing a key role in improving the sleeping patterns of a person. Sometimes you have extreme fatigue after eating carbs, yoga helps to solve that problem and state of unease as well. People need to realize the importance and need for yoga in one’s life. It has not just cured sleeping disorders but post-traumatic stress disorder, military veterans, nurses, adults and others. Although it is true that everyone may not enjoy sitting in the positions of yoga or may find it boring to repeat the poses again and again. It might feel a bit frustrating at the start, but once you start noticing the positive changes it brings about in your health and life, all the other things attached to it become worth it. Even worth the feeling of pain or boredom you may feel. You just have to keep in mind whatever works best for you, as far as your health is concerned.